Without publishers, affiliate marketing is absent. That's why our affiliate managers strive to develop a barrier of trust that is incomparable across other networks. Profit Kings Media treats each and every one of their publishers as a family. We know both sides of the business and are full-time affiliates who know what it is like to excel in this industry. 90% of affiliate networks supply you with an affiliate manager that is really a salesman who has no real insight about affiliate marketing, thus cannot help you. We understand this gap of communication that is for long been left open. We seal this gap and bond with our affiliates and provide them with tools, knowledge, resources, and guidance to help them grow and achieve.

PKM welcomes all serious affiliates only; we have over (800) live offers in (180) countries with (475) advertisers. PKM is truthfully a superior network because:


PKM will beat any payout you get from any network.


PKM pays all affiliates weekly, NO threshold.


We work around the clock, available 7 days per week and will personally help you scale your campaigns.

Why become a Profit Kings Media Affiliate?

We deal 90% direct and never cross-broker offers. This means 1:1 tracking and better conversions every time. Enjoy our monthly rewards program and Weekly payments.


Our largest vertical since our inception. 100's of direct deals.


The largest academical institutes trust us to provide honest scholars.


Promote only the best credit-report, payday, debt consolidation, tax settlement, and loan-related offers here.

Health & Beauty

Our products of focus show case in groups like Skin Care, Weight-Loss, Self Enhancement, eCig, and more.


Browser-based games and toolbars, our leads love them. Simply lucrative.

Biz Opp

Business Opportunity deals reign supreme. Choose from Straight-Sale, Free-Trial, or CPL's.


Think app-installs, pin submits, and sweep-stakes. Our mobile-optimized inventory will impress you.

As Seen on TV

Market our ultra-niche consumer products. Highly-branded.

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