About Profit Kings Media

Profit Kings Media is a seasoned provider in the performance-based marketing space. We offer quality service, deliver outstanding results, and build affirmative relationships between our advertisers and publishers. The outcome, is a fast-growing industry moving at a lightening pace. Advertisers are competing in a rat race for the largest market-share. We have a vast inventory of publishers ready to promote your product/service to your audience on the internet. Stay current and up-to-date as our publishers are knowledgeable in existing and future strategies. We have the edge that separates us from all networks in a beneficial angle. There are thousands of new customers you can gain with Profit Kings Media, grasp the opportunity and bring life into your campaigns.

Got our start
Established in April, in a tiny office apartment. Who knew the glory which would follow?
Relocated to a luxurious and spacious office space in Skokie, IL. We love our view at the top!
Our core verticals had been growing and by now we had dominated market share in international zones and explore fresh niches. Growth at it's finest.
We are proud to announce the several new hires on board. Our dream team is shaping up.
In addition to massive leadership and distribution, we now own internal properties. Fully-optimized backends allow for added ROI upwards of 500%.
Think Bigger
Profit Kings completes it's 5,000 advertiser count! We are happy to represent
Since our inception, Profit Kings Media has never missed a payment to our affiliates and never will. Reflecting back to this guarantee, we are proud to


4957 Oakton St - #146

Skokie, IL 60077

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